Acute Care Surgery and Trauma: Evidence-Based Practice 3rd Edition


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“Remember, the critical questions in the field of Surgery never change, just the answers!” J. Bradley Aust M.D. 1926-2010

Acute Care Surgery and Trauma: Evidence-Based Practice discusses important surgical management approaches and clinical decision-making based on scientific evidence found in the published literature.Updated and fully revised, this new edition continues to support clinicians by providing the most up-to-date information and evidence on which to base their decisions across a wide range of topics in acute care surgery and trauma, thus optimizing the decision-making process for the care of individual patients.

What can be better for the busy clinician than having all the answers to complex questions extensively researched by experts in the field and readily available without requiring further intensive literature searches?

Featuring chapters written by specialists in acute care, trauma, and emergency surgery, with extensive references throughout. The text features tables summarizing key evidence and clinical recommendations for quick reference and easy interpretation. It provides an invaluable resource for all acute care surgery and trauma practitioners.

“… should be in the library of every medical school, every department of surgery, and every surgeon.”

” A “must have” resource for every surgeon who manages trauma and acute care surgery patients…particularly useful for surgical residents and Surgical Critical Care and Trauma fellows, and attending surgeons.”

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Acute Care Surgery and Trauma: Evidence-Based Practice 3rd Edition
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