Handbook of Cardiac Critical Care and Anaesthesia 1st Edition


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This book provides clinical tips on the management of common emergencies that are regularly faced by critical care and acute care cardiologists in resource-limited settings. Based on the current guidelines, it explores the evaluation of the patient, followed by its treatment methodology. It highlights the beneficial effects of the use of cardiac drugs during an emergency. There is also a special section on preoperative evaluation and postoperative management of cardiac patients of different subsets. Medicolegal/documentation points are also discussed where relevant. It is useful as a ready reference for physicians, anaesthetists and cardiologists.

Key Features

• Reinforces certain teachings and recalls certain overlooked clinical points to address emergency situations in a busy, resource limited setting
• Explains lucidly what the acute cardiac care/anaesthesia registrar or cardiology fellows ought to do in the intensive care and postoperative wards
• Emphasizes the importance of clinical acumen and observation

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Handbook of Cardiac Critical Care and Anaesthesia 1st Edition
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