Moschella & Hurley’s Dermatology (2 Volumes) 4th Edition


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The aim of this book is to focus on the Moschella and Hurley’s Dermatology (2 volume). The goal of this book is to provide a comprehensive summary of dermatological conditions, established diagnostic techniques, surgical, laser, and other procedures. This 2 volume book comprised of 35 sections, which include basic science, principles of clinical diagnosis, dermatopathology, disorders of immunity, hypersensitivity and inflammation, drug reactions, vesiculobullous disease, eczematous dermatitis, papulosquamous disorders, photosensitivity, connective tissue diseases, vasculitis, vasculopathy and ulcers, disorders of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, pigmentation disorder, pediatric dermatology, hair disorders, disorders of the nails, the skin in systemic diseases, bacterial and rickettsial infections, viral infections, tumors of the skin etc. Beyond covering routine skin conditions, the book contains a special focus on dermatologic surgery and cosmetic procedures. It also includes a summary of noninvasive diagnostic tools in dermatology, discusses simple and practical approaches to clinical pattern analysis. This textbook is an excellent resource for practicing dermatologists, resident physicians, and students.

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Moschella & Hurley’s Dermatology (2 Volumes) 4th Edition
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