Radiology-Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging: A Correlative Approach 1st Edition


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Radiology-Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging <

Radiology-Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging: A Correlative Approach provides in-depth guidance on applying the principles of radiologic-nuclear medicine correlation to the interpretation of imaging for diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive indications. Describing the clinical implications of all major imaging modalities, this comprehensive professional reference offers one-stop coverage of the common diagnostic applications encountered by nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists in day-to-day practice.

The book develops the nuclear diagnostic skills necessary to interpret combined imaging modalities and correlate radiologic findings using a disease and organ-based approach to radiologic interpretation. Thematically organized sections explore a variety of pathologies including diseases of the head and neck, gastrointestinal tract, and pulmonary, endocrine, and central nervous system. Written by internationally recognized experts, this important resource:

  • Helps physicians better understand the clinical and treatment implications of diseases with characteristic radiologic appearances
  • Includes detailed descriptions of nuclear medicine presentations of diseases of most organ systems combined with radiologic correlation
  • Explains refinement of differential diagnoses in various organ systems based on specific imaging features
  • Demonstrates how to correlate scintigraphy and PET images with radiography, CT, MRI, and other imaging techniques
  • Includes a timely review of the application of nuclear medicine-radiology correlative imaging in research
  • Features practical, hands-on clinical imaging references, and more than 600 color illustrations and high-resolution images throughout

Radiology-Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging: A Correlative Approach is a must-have for both trainee and experienced radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and specialist nurses.

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Radiology-Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging: A Correlative Approach 1st Edition
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