The Business of Dermatology 1st Edition

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The ultimate guide to managing the multifaceted business aspects of a dermatology practice

Although board-certified dermatologists provide the best care for their patients, managing a practice and optimizing every facet of the business is a daunting endeavor. Business acumen is not taught in residency and is the most overlooked aspect of any given practice. The Business of Dermatology, written by esteemed dermatologists Jeffrey S. Dover, Kavita Mariwalla, and an impressive group of experts, provides a rare opportunity to learn about the operations side of practices across the country. Written in an informal tone, this unique book enables readers to be privy to a “40-way chat” with dermatologists whose practices are flourishing.

With a vast wealth of information relevant to the business side of a dermatology practice, this remarkable resource fills the gap between the training phase and acquisition of professional confidence. Fifty-five chapters offer insightful, highly practical pearls for everyone—from early-career dermatologists and those in solo-practice to employed physicians in large groups. Even the most seasoned practitioners will benefit from firsthand knowledge and real-world tips shared by physicians who have made their own mistakes trying to get practices off the ground and maintain them.

Key Features

  • Written by top dermatologists from the perspective of “if we knew then what we know now…”
  • Organized in a format and style conducive to easy reading, with practical tips to implement immediately
  • Covers all practice-relevant topics, including office space and equipment, managing financials, diverse practice models, human resources, employment considerations, patient issues, pricing, essential surgical tools/supplies, marketing, and much more
  • Top ten lists in each chapter highlighting the key take-home points


The Business of Dermatology is an indispensable, one-stop source for all trainee and practicing dermatologists who need insightful guidance on setting up, organizing, managing, or optimizing their practice.

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The Business of Dermatology 1st Edition
Original price was: $95.98.Current price is: $29.95.
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